Thursday, December 9, 2010

Silas in December

Josh decided to take some quick pictures of Silas under our Christmas tree. He loves looking at the ornaments on the tree. We're lucky this year because he isn't crawling yet so he is unable to grab them unless he is seated right next to it. He did however grab that present! It's a good thing it belongs to him! 

His fascination with the ornaments prompted me to give him one of the bell, without the hook of course. He didn't like the sound it made when he shook it, but he sure did love the color!

I had to put the present away when he started opening it for reals! Not much longer and he'll be able to open it and see that all that's in there are some 12 month clothes from mommy and daddy. In fact all of the gifts currently under our tree for him are clothes, with an exception of a unknown gift from friends Lorien, Ross, and Kasey.

Santa will be bringing him a new activity center/exersaucer for Christmas, plus some stocking stuffers including some new spoons and a Rhett sock monkey, which I won through a giveaway.

He is sure to be spoiled by his grandparents, aunts and uncles! His Mema and Papa Joe have got him some toys, and other surprises I'm unaware of and his Gammie bought him some more cloth diapers. I'm not sure what Bubby and Honey are getting him, but I'm sure he'll love it!

Stay tuned for our entry about a plane ride to see Mema's family in Kentucky!

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