Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Open House

The Arizona Grand (aka: Uncle BJ's resort) had an open house. Honey and Bubby invited us to go and we brought Mema with us too. Silas had a blast seeing two (out of three) of his favorite grandmas at once time.

He couldn't decide who he should hold hands with, so he held them with both of them!

Bubby couldn't hold Silas because of his recent heart bypass, but he had a good time watching him run around.

The Grand had all sorts of activities! We stood in line to see Santa, but Silas wouldn't sit on his lap. Mommy has a cute picture of Silas sitting on her lap next to Santa though! We had cocoa and made our own gingerbread cookies.

Silas was a fan of the sprinkles, but didn't want to eat them.

He wanted nothing to do with sitting on daddy's lap while watching the Nutcracker dancers.

But he enjoyed the view from daddy's shoulders.

He found great entertainment with the rocks...

and spinning around until we were dizzy.

 We also got to celebrate Uncle BJ's recent engagement to Aunt Dez.

By the end of the night Silas was tuckered out and ready for bed. I think Mema was too!

Monday, November 28, 2011


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. I made the turkey and a few sides and everyone else who came pitched in too. We had a wonderful spread.

Silas is going through a picky stage, so aside from the dino above, all he ate was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Our new cousin, Bella, didn't enjoy any turkey either. That's okay because she is just a few months old. Next year, hopefully, they will both enjoy the goodies!

Bella's mommy hanging out while we get the dinner finished.

Our turkey was ready about an hour and a half before everything else. It was falling off the bones and super juicy!

Mema rolled the bread...

while Aunt Jan (Nana) comforted Bella.

Dinner was enjoyed outside, but pie was consumed in front of the foot ball game.

While the ladies cleaned up the boys hung out in front of the game. Silas was rooting for Uncle Louie's team.

Overall our first Thanksgiving went really well. Papa wasn't feeling well so he went home shortly after dinner. Russ had to jet off to dinner number two with Lindsey, and Andi and John were in San Diego eating on the USS Carl Vinson. We didn't get a chance to see Bubby and Honey, but we got to see them the day after. I hope next year goes just as smoothly.

Friday, November 4, 2011

At the park with Eli

We love the park at Rio Vista! We met up with our friends Sarah and Eli(ana) for some fun!

Eli is a pro at the swing! Silas doesn't quite get that he has to sit back!

Silas loves the sand! He'll spend hours pouring sand all over himself. He is awfully good a sharing his toys!

We tried climbing on the play ground equipment for the first time!

He really loves the slide, but is more comfortable sliding down backwards on his tummy!

Things that spin and turn are more fun right now though!

I think Silas would live at the park if we left him there!

All done with the slide.

We had a good time with Eli and can't wait to see her again soon!

Little Tiger!

Silas was a tiger this year for Halloween!

He isn't too fond of hats so he was not very pleased with something on his head.

Even when he's sad and pouty I think he has the cutest face ever.

The same is true with his grumpy look!

My favorite though he his sweet smile!

Deer Farm Pt 2

Josh took some amazing photos of Silas and me while we were at the deer farm.

The deer practically attack you as you walk into the gate.
They expected Josh to feed them, but unfortunately all he had was a camera.
Silas poked the deer in the nose and felt how warm and wet they were.
With some encouragement he fed them some of the deer feed.
The deer would inhale your entire hand if you let them!
Silas' reaction to the deer's tongue was priceless, as was the laughter!
We soon ran out of food, but it didn't stop some of the deer from following Silas around.
We spied this funny goat sleeping in a bucket.
So of course, our little monkey see, monkey do, had to copy him!
Silas was bummed when it was time to leave.
But then he remembered there was a cool tractor to climb on out front and all was well again.