Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Months old!

I can't believe that Silas is already 5 month old! He is becoming such a big boy!

He is officially a roller and easily goes from back to belly.

He is also a side sleeper! He likes to sleep on his left side, just like mommy and daddy.

During tummy time he is scooting all over the place. He is always moving around! When in his bouncer he is non stop until he wears himself out. At Mema and Papa's house he has a walker and he can make that thing move! I can't believe how mobile he became and so quickly!

Silas is rapidly growing out of his clothing! He started wearing 9 month clothing recently and already some of them are getting too snug! He is growing too quickly! We've also had to buy more of them because we anticipated him being in 9 month clothes when it was a bit cooler. Between the unusually warm weather and the fact he's growing so quick I don't even know if he'll get to wear any of those warmer clothes before they don't fit anymore!

We'll be seeing Dr. Jones next month for his 6 month check up and I'm excited to see his growth.

We have been super busy so far this month. Josh and I celebrated our two year anniversary and we took Silas to two different zoos! I'll get those photos up soon. This coming weekend we'll be going to the pumpkin patch and then it will be Halloween. I hadn't planned on taking Silas out, but we might go to Boo at the Zoo, go trick or treating with Auntie Andi and Uncle John's half siblings.

Its hard to believe that the holidays are quickly approaching and soon we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving, going to Kentucky, and celebrating Silas' first Christmas!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Davis Family Photos

The Davis Family got together to have family photos done this weekend, because Grandpa Great was in town to meet Silas for the very first time!

Silas was an unhappy camper the entire time. The photographer tried and tried to get him to smile and laugh, but he was not having it.

Even though he loves his Mema and Papa Joe, he really didn't want to be held. He would not sit down on any one's lap, nor did he want anything to do with the bottle, the camera, or any of the toys and attempts we made to make him smile.

This is not my favorite picture at all, but Silas' half cry, looked like a smile and my dad was set on having a generational picture done.

When it came to having picture of Silas done, I suggested laying him on his tummy. It was a lot easier to get him to smile doing the things he likes to do.

Still, not quite smiling, but at least we got him to look at the camera.

Can you tell that we were all a little strained by the stressful ordeal of pictures?

This was one of the few pictures he smiled for. He was not happy being changed into his Halloween costume, but I'm glad we did because this was the best shot the entire shoot.

Unfortunately rescheduling was not an option since Grandpa Great left town today. Josh and I plan to try again in a few months and coming in first thing in the morning when he is the happiest.

The poor baby was tired, had been at a birthday party prior to this and was not please being passed around at all. He is so very much his mother's child. I too get grumpy doing things that I don't like.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October already!

 Silas is punching September out of the way! He is ready for the cooler weather, just like mommy and daddy.
 Silas spend most days in just a diaper because it's still so warm... that and most of his 6 month clothes don't fit very well. He has a long torso and almost all of his sleepers and onesies are too sung to be comfortable.
 Silas says "Yo daddy, clean up your office. I can't hang out in this mess!
 Silas enjoys standing up so much, that he uses his bouncer on a daily basis. He can't get enough of making use of his strong legs!
 This month has been tough, because there are some teeth that are trying to burst through his gums. Daddy is trying to preoccupy Silas from his sore mouth.
 But not even daddy can make the pain go away. It makes daddy sad too.
 But, with some effort, and lots of funny noises, Silas can go from sad, to glad!
 This picture makes daddy happy. Silas will probably know more about computers than mommy does in the matter of years.
 Silas' lip sucking grin cracks us up!
 Silas naps easily in his bassinet, but only if he is really tired.
 More often he is ready to play with mommy or daddy!
 Silas loves carrots! They are one of his favorites.
mmm, they are yummy!