Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas time!

Silas got to celebrate Christmas 3 times this year! It was a busy first Christmas for sure!

We started on Christmas Eve by attending the Children Service at our Church with Gammie and cousin Hannah. Before we left Gammie got a family picture of us by our tree. Silas already knew he had boxes to open under the tree!

He was excited to open presents, but he had to wait until we went to Bubby and Honey's house

Silas got changed out of his Church clothes and was super excited to play on one of his new toys! He can't quite push himself yet, but he had a good time sitting on his scooter and playing with the buttons.

Silas only opened one gift before he decided he was done and fell asleep in Honey's arms. He received fun bath toys from his Bubby and Honey. Mommy and Daddy had to open his other gifts which included new clothes and more toys!

Poor little guy was worn out from all the fun and slept until we left for the 11pm service at Church with Mema and Papa Joe. As per tradition, we went out for breakfast after church. Silas slept through service and almost throughout breakfast. When we finally got home he was ready for bed.

Silas slept in until 8:30! He was so sleepy that he continued to sleep on Mommy and Daddy's bed until Gammie came over and the doorbell woke him up.

When we came down stairs Silas found that Santa had brought him an exersaucer! He was so excited and couldn't decide what to play with first!

When we opened up presents we were for sure he would only be interested in the paper and boxes, but we were wrong! He wanted what was in them after all! Mostly Silas opened up size 12 month clothes because almost all of his 9 month outfits are too small! Gammie bought him 10 new cloth diapers, a new soft blanket, and some new toys. Bubby and Honey came over and brought his cousins to exchange presents too. Silas was given even more bath toys to enjoy! Friends Lori, Ross and Casey gave Silas a new bath book and a driving station.

After all of fun of present Silas was very ready to head over to Mema and Papa's house to celebrate Christmas with them, Grandpa Great, Uncle Russ and Auntie Andi.

Silas was very loved over at Mema and Papa's house!

Grandpa Great gave him a big white bear, Mema and Papa bought him a music table, bongo drums, a baby radio and blocks. Aunt Andi and Uncle John bought him a race car set and Uncle Russ bought him some humorous clothing.

Once again, Silas really enjoyed opening his presents, even if Mommy had to help a little.

Silas showed how strong he was, holding himself up with the table put together.

But it was much easier to play with it on the floor. Papa had a good time playing with him too!

Silas plays hard and is always thinking about his next step!

Although he loves his new music activity table, I think he had the most fun hanging out with his Papa.

After a wonderful dinner made by Grandpa Great we finally headed home, but left all of the great new toys at Mema and Papa's house so he could have something fun to play with there.

Even though he had celebrated 3 times, we weren't quite finished. The day after Christmas we went over to Great Aunt Jan's for dinner and Silas had more gifts waiting for him! Aunt Jan and Uncle Lou gave Silas a tool bench and from Mommy's cousins he received a set of books and a Scout puppy.

Silas was spoiled rotten, but had such a great time with family. We are so blessed to have spent the weekend with family and watching Silas experience his very first Christmas!

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