Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Party

Before going to the Stallings Christmas party we went back over to Nana Nell's house.

Poor guy was miserable most of the day. We had many battles to wipe his nose.

 He was more than happy to cuddle his Uncle Sam after we struggled to change his clothes and put him back in his snow suit.

When we went to Mass, to celebrate my Grandma Cotton and Grandpa Vic, Silas was quickly swooped up by Aunt Bonnie...

And then Aunt Sandee... who did not give him up the rest of the service.

After church we headed over to the cafeteria for the Stallings Christmas party. Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bill got to spend some time with Silas before everyone arrived. They "met" him for the first time when he was still a bean in my belly and came to visit in AZ.

Camryn, another 2nd cousin was in love with Silas. She came to play with him several times during the party.

Mema had a great time visiting with all of her brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. It was a good party for sure! We were so busy visiting that not many pictures were taken!

Silas wasn't interested in having a picture taken with mommy...

When we returned to the hotel we gave Daddy a call. Silas was so excited to hear Josh's voice that he reached for the phone and wouldn't let it go.

He was very grumpy when I tried to take the phone away and cried a little when it was time to say goodnight. Every time I had my phone out during our trip Silas grabbed for the phone. He started to realize that his daddy's voice was related to the phone.

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