Thursday, January 28, 2010

26 weeks

Today I am 26 weeks along. In only 11 weeks I'll be full term and then in 14 our little Cricket will be here, unless he decides to extend his stay.

25 weeks and 4 day

In just two weeks I'll be out of the second trimester and into the third. I have really enjoyed the second trimester and believe it or not I really do love being pregnant.

Yes, the first trimester was pretty horrible, especially smack dab in the middle with the nausea and sheer exhaustion. And sure being pregnant at any given time isn't always the most comfortable particularly when the baby triggers a nerve or stops you from being able to sleep soundly, but there are so many things that I love about being pregnant!

There are the little things like...I love the way my skin looks and my hair is full and shiny. But those are nothing compared to feeling my son kick, roll, and twist. Or hearing his little heart beat at every appointment. And just knowing that my body is growing and nurishing a new life inside of me.

I know that I still have 11-16 weeks left before he arrives and that with those weeks I'll have many more things to experience, but I can't imagine not enjoying it in the long run. Being pregnant is amazing.

Preparing for Cricket's arrival has also been so much fun. Collecting clothing and diapers and putting his room together slowly...

Recently his crib mattress arrived as well as his bedding. I washed everything as soon as it came in and we put it all together. I also rearrange the furniture again.

I am in love with the theme for his room. I love the forest critters and hope as he grows older that he'll love them just as much. I'm looking forward to getting the other pieces to the room. They are just finishing touches, and not vital, but I know it will look great with everything else.

The tree is by far my favorite part of the wall decor and I love the way it looks above the changing table. I will either hang the comforter on the wall as a part of the decor or maybe use it on the floor for tummy time. I know Cricket will love cuddling underneath it once it's safe for him to use a comforter. I hope that he'll grow to love animals as much as I do.

And finally I decided to purchase a bookshelf. I didn't think a nightstand table would be big enough nor tall enough to keep the lamp at a safe height from little hands. Right now its housing the small collection of cloth diapers we have. I can't wait to build that as well!

I really love Cricket's room and it makes me smile every time I step into it.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Our little "Cricket" is quite the active little guy. He makes most nights difficult to sleep. He starts moving around in the evening around 6 or 7 and keeps going until I "wake" up around 5:30. I'm sure this means he'll be a night owl outside of my uterus as well.

It's all worth it in the end though.

I absolutly love feeling him kick even if I am trying to sleep. His movements make me smile and excited. On occasion I can see him move, but it's only when I'm completly still and paying close attention when I start feeling him move. I can only imagine how wonderful it will be when I can make out actual body parts against my skin!

Belly bumps from the past two weeks...

23 weeks 2 days

23 weeks 2 days

24 weeks 4 days

24 weeks 4 day

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adventures in baby Furniture

We put the baby's furniture together! It was quite the adventure and took us nearly 4hours to get it all set up!

All the animals were very interested in what we were doing.

This was after putting it all together, expect for the "box spring" portion. We had to turn it on it's side and then attach it.

The changing table took considerably longer. I also manage to put the bottom on upside down and didn't realize it until I had finished. You can't tell unless you open the doors.

All that is missing is the crib mattress and bedding! They are on the registry, but I may put them on lay-a-way since there is so much else that we need. There are other pieces to the room decor that are on the registry too and hopefully we will get those at a baby shower!

This is the glider that my parents bought me for Christmas. It doesn't match perfectly, but I like it anyway. That step stool won't stay there either. It's just a filler under I can get a nightstand table. I was thinking of getting a dresser, but I don't know if it will overwhelm the room. I think it might so I'm holding out and shopping around to see about something else.

The arrangement might also change, but not for now!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've been journaling for our little guy. I started it shortly after we found out we were pregnant. I don't write daily or even weekly, just when there are milestones to touch on.

My parents did the same for us kids, but started it when we were born. I should ask for mine now since I'm pregnant and expecting. I don't know how often they wrote in it or what they wrote about, but I hope to give this one to our son so that he can read about how I felt and the big things that happened when I was pregnant.

It's my hope that I'll continue to write in it after he is born, but I know I'll be very busy once he arrives!

In the mean time I'm trying to get things put together, including his room, stocking up on diapers, and keeping on top of cleaning so that when he does get here I don't feel like I'm under water from the beginning.

This last week his crib arrived, but I haven't gotten it put together. I haven't even gotten it upstairs. The box is sitting in front of our breakfast bar, but it's too heavy to carry up stairs, so Josh and I will have to unload it and carry it up pieces at a time. I'd like to get the crib and changing table put together soon. I'd also like to buy a crib mattress and the crib bedding but Josh thinks I should wait. I'm so impatient and want to get it all put together!

I can't wait to see the finished product!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

22 week excitment

I'm 22 weeks along and we are only 4 months 3 days away from our due date. That seems so far, yet so close!

I felt our son kick for the first time at 19 weeks 1 day. Josh felt him kick for the first time at 22 weeks 1 day. I'm so excited that he got to feel our son kick.

We had went to see Annie at Gammage Theater and came home around 10:30. We climbed into bed and were reading when I felt him kicking. He seems to be the most active in the evening and right before bed. I laid my hand over the lower part of my belly and I felt it from the outside. I was so excited that I grabbed Josh's hand and laid it over the same area. I didn't think he was going to feel it because after a while there wasn't any movement. Just as I was about to brush Josh's hand away I felt it and heard Josh gasp. Our "Cricket" kept kicking for a good 5 minutes. It was the best way to end the night!

And as promised I have some recent belly pictures to share.
21 weeks 1 day in one of my new maternity tops!

21 weeks 1 day, uncovered but not very flattering!

22 weeks 3 days

side view
22 weeks 3 days