Sunday, April 24, 2011


We had a very special First Easter with Silas. He was so excited to find his eggs and put them in his basket! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Celebrating the warm weather!

We've been having very warm days this April! It's been in the 90's most afternoons.

Silas really enjoyed crawling around in his splash pool!

Splashing in the pool is just as fun as splashing in the bathtub!

Mommy and Silas play together in the water

Mommy splashes Silas!

Although he looks like he's frowning here, he absolutely loved the water!

Silas splashes himself!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sad day for the Willingham family

This weekend has be long, over whelming, and sad.

Today we said good-bye to our puppy pal, Asher.

Asher has been getting more and more aggressive in the last few months. We noticed changes in him when I fell pregnant with Silas in 2009. He was glued to my side until Silas was born. When we brought Silas home, Asher was so protective of him. Thing were good. But then there were more changes. It started with barking at strangers, then charging people we know and then suddenly snapping at people. We started separating him from people who came over, but then he snapped at Josh. Then this morning while Josh was on the couch with his mom drinking coffee, Asher bit Silas.

It was unprovoked. Silas was sitting next to Asher and was patting him gently and then out of the blue he turned around and snapped. Josh was watching the two of them and said it was like any other time Silas would pet him. This time Asher turn and snapped in his face, his teeth grazing Silas' face.

No skin was broken and Silas is physically alright, but afraid to go near Asher.

I was upstairs when it happened. I heard Asher bark and then Silas cry and Josh yelling. He came up a few moments latter and told me Asher had bit my son.

I ran down stairs and collected Silas from Donna, my MIL, and called my dad, who was a dog handler in the military. His suggestion was to contact the shelter we adopted Asher from and seek assistance, as his behavior was out of characteristic for a Lab.

I knew the only option was to find him another home. I couldn't have an animal in the house that I couldn't trust with my child. Although I knew and still know that this was the right decision, it didn't make it easier for me. We've had Asher for almost four years. He is just as much apart of our family as any other member, but I can't keep an animal that bites or is aggressive with children.

Fortunately the shelter we adopted him from is No Kill and when I explained what had happened they told us that the safest situation was to surrender him to the shelter.

Mema came over to pick up Silas because my MIL was feeling unwell. I cried on my mom's shoulder when she got home. I cried into Josh's chest. I cried the entire time I gathered Asher's belongings. His pet bed, bowls, toys, food, and treats. I cried in the shower as I cleaned myself up. Asher appeared so remorseful. He walked with his tail between his legs and hung his head low. I cried as we loaded him and his things into the car. I cried all the way to the shelter. I cried as we filled out paperwork and when a shelter employee came in to interview us about Asher.

They let us spend some time alone with him as they set up a kennel for him. We hugged him and shook hands and let him give us kisses. When the employee returned for him she assured us they would find him a good home and would even ask his new family to give us occasional updates.

As we left Asher tried to follow us and a new bout of crying started. I feel awful that we left him, but what were we suppose to do?

I hope his new family contacts us. He really is a good dog, just not good for little kiddos.

Good bye pal.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I month shy of a year

Silas is 11 months old today!

 He doesn't believe it either.

 But then I told him he was going to be a year old next month and he was going to have a big dinosaur party and he got very excited!

Then he started waving good bye. This is something new he's learned just recently, and he doesn't quite know which hand he likes to wave with better.

We tried to get him to pose some more, but he was pretty much done.

Oh and he cut a second tooth!!