Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Visiting with Family

Silas was bright eyed the next morning, even though he wasn't feeling the best.

We got him dressed at headed over to my Aunt Nell's house.

Silas was right at home and quickly found lots of familiar toys and new friends to play with.

 Silas warmed up to his "Nana Nell" quickly.

You can tell in this picture how poorly he was feeling. Back home Josh was feeling quite the same.

Silas wanted nothing more than to be held and loved.

After a good nap he was ready to visit some more. He had no problems going to his great Aunt Bonnie.

Or one of mommy's cousins.

Silas met and got to play with one of his 2nd cousins who was born a month and a half after him.

It was a very bust day and he was ready for bed that night!

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