Sunday, November 2, 2008


We'll we've been married for a little over three weeks now. Many people have asked if it feels any different. To be honest it doesn't feel different, just better.
The entire wedding was beautiful. Josh and I are so happy with the way everything went. Our DJ was wonderful and made the reception worry and stress free. The reception hall was beautiful and the ceremony was priceless.
I've included a few pictures of the day and will hopefully upload some slide shows at a later point. Most of our pictures are from other people since we haven't seen the professional ones yet.
We are also waiting for the video from the wedding and I hope to be able to load it on here so that people that couldn't join us can still see what our special day was like.

Here is our church alter
My dad walking my down this aisle
My grandpa and me posing
My family
The bridal party
Josh and me in the limo heading to the reception hall
Our very yummy cake that Josh designed
Josh and my dad talking before the grand entrance to the reception hall
Josh and me doing the grand entrance
Josh and me while telling each other why we're perfect for one another
There are a ton more pictures, but they are not organized or anything. Mostly they are jumbled randomly in my picture folder and on photobucket. My goal is to organize them and create a slide show of the wedding, the reception and then the honeymoon.
Eventually we will have professional photos and we will share those too. Keep checking back!