Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good mornings

We are lucky, because this is how Silas normally is every morning!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My second hair cut!

 After 3 1/2 months it seemed about time to get another hair cut! 

 It was starting to get really long in the back and falling into his eyes.

 Silas picked out the yellow car and Cars movie to watch while he got his hair trimmed. 

 Things started off pretty good! He sat up straight and let the nice lady get him all ready to go.

 We even got a few smiles while she started combing his hair .

 As soon as she started spraying it with water it things started to go south. Silas realized something was going on with his hair! 

 He was not amused by the hair cutting.

 Although it looks like he was cooperating, he was actually trying to push the lady away. We had to do some creative maneuvering to finish his hair cut. There were some crying and screaming. There was even some fighting when they had to trim around his ears with the clippers. Kind of the same behavior as last time. 

 When we were all finished we had some hair gel put in and spiked it just for Aunt Andi! We even got a lollipop, but Silas was not happy with his consolation prize and threw it on the floor.
He may not like the process, but the aftermath sure is adorable!

More splashing!

 The weather this past month has been so hot! We've had many record breaking days and being outside has been miserable! To keep cool we've been splashing on the porch to keep out of the sun. 

 Silas loves the water! He enjoys the splash pad from his Mema and Papa because we can keep it on the porch or move it into the grass. The water really keeps us cool!

 Sometimes Silas just loves sitting on the porch watching the water squirt up high!

Thanks for the best birthday gift ever Mema and Papa!