Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving! We spent the afternoon at my cousin Heather's house. We had a pot luck style dinner, so everyone brought a few dishes to share.

 Great Aunt Jan enjoyed loving Silas while we got the dinner table ready.

 Silas was hungry before we sat down so he had his own Thanksgiving dinner of sweet potatoes with turkey and mixed vegetables.

 He seemed to enjoy them!

 Aunt Andi played with Silas while we set up the pack n play for him to play in while we all enjoyed our dinner!

 We had quite the spread for 12 people (and Silas!)

After dinner we sat around and shot the breeze until well after 10 o'clock. Josh and Silas headed home before me so they could get some sleep for 'Dad, Dude, and Doodle day'. Even though Mema and Papa dropped me off around 11, I still got up around 8 and hit some sales. I'm happy to say I am about 75% done with Christmas shopping this year. After shopping I set up the tree and our house is looking quite festive!

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