Sunday, December 9, 2012

No more pictures

So it looks like I need to find a different option for pictures. I've run out of room for posting pictures on the blog. There just isn't anymore space. I'm not sure what I will do, but one option is to pay a monthly fee for more space from Google. Other options include removing all the pictures from the past, directing readers to facebook, or finding another blog home.

I'll keep you updated with what I plan on doing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Family Photos 2012

Last weekend we had a friend of ours take our family pictures. I think they turned out amazing! I wish I could print them all and hang them on our walls. Silas was in a very good mood and did just about everything Jamie asked him to do. 

I only selected a few to share, but if you click the link below it will show you all of the photos Jamie took of us. If Grandparents have a favorite (or several) they should let us know so that we can print them up. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Family Fun Weekend

Last weekend was spent together doing fun things with Silas. Josh took Monday off and we did something fun each day. On Saturday we went out to breakfast and explored the Certified Local Festival. After check out all the booths we decided to go to the Japanese Friendship Garden. We had never been before and we thought Silas would really enjoy it. 

All of the Koi were gathered together because they were being fed Silas favorite treat, Cherrios. 

Silas was so excited to feed the fish. The nice couple next to us generously shared their cereal with Silas.

He was so proud of himself! It was so amazing to see him excited about all the fish. He made observations on their colors and the places they were swimming. 

After the garden we walked to the park right next door. Silas enjoyed playing on the tot equipment until he realized he could climb up on the larger child equipment. 

Silas using the climbing structure. 

Silas going down the small slide

Realizing he can climb up on the big equipment...

and go down the big slide.

On Sunday we went to Church, then had brunch, before heading to the Children's Museum.

Silas spent about half an hour playing with scarf eating machine. I'm not sure what it's called, but Silas loved watching the big kids stuff the scarves in and then try to catch the scarves as they danced to the floor. 

This machine was also another one of his favorites. Daddy showed him how make it spit the ping pong balls out at Mommy!

We made some adjustments to the tubes...

and he probably would have spent the whole day playing right there, but we convinced him to climb up the big structure. 

This was a huge step for Mommy. It was so frightening for me. I was not nearly as adventurous as Silas was. 

I was more than a little nervous about sitting in the boat. 

And even more so about getting into the tub.

Daddy was way more adventurous. That must be where Silas got his sense of adventure from, because it was not from me! 

Poor Josh, I think he was stooped almost the entire time. 

Watching them explore was so fun though. 

We had to make a second trip to the tub before heading down the structure. 

We convinced him to go up stairs where we found another one of those air machines, but with pom pom instead of scarves. 

This button plinko type activity was also a big hit. 

And anything with music drew him over. I think the fact it's made of bolts is pretty cool. 

We tried to get him to rest with mommy, but he was more inclined to crawl in and out of the holes. 

Josh and I got a quick picture of us while we were in the toddler room. 

Silas was all over the place! He wanted to do so much! 

I don't think he needs any more practice with this activity. He is too good at this one! 

We all enjoyed the air vent. Silas liked setting off the motion detector. 

Dad and Silas on the vents. 

Silas's turn! 

He didn't even bonk his head!! 

 Balls and music at once? Amazing! 

The Noodle in the noodle forest! 

We had so much fun that Silas fell asleep on the way home around 4 and stayed asleep until about 9 pm. 

On Monday we went to the Phoenix Zoo. It was the perfect weather. It wasn't too cold, but chilly enough for long sleeves. We didn't get many pictures, but I think Silas enjoyed himself. 

"What's that?" Prairie Dog was a bit hard for him to repeat. 

Daddy and Silas checking out the Lions. 

And the Emus! 

"Tunnel!" Silas wouldn't go near him, but he pointed and told us where the goat was. 

He got a real kick out of the goats this time around. He pet all of them before we got him to leave. 

We had such a fun weekend packed full of excitement. I can't wait to do it again! This coming weekend we are taking a trip to Tucson to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with Dakota and Shannon. Hopefully we'll have pictures from that too!