Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3 months

How fast time flies when you aren't paying attention!

Josh and I have been very busy with the day to day details of our lives. It's hard to believe that its already been 3 months and that soon we will be rounding off the 4th!

Josh and I had a nice Thanksgiving with our families. We spent Thanksgiving afternoon with my family and Thanksgiving Evening with Josh's family. Before we knew it Christmas was here! As tradition we spent Christmas Eve with Josh's family and then we spent Christmas morning together. Christmas afternoon was spent with my family. Since we put a lot of work and money into celebrating our marriage we kept to a low key Christmas, but Josh was still able to surprise me by buying us tickets to see The Lion King, which we'll be seeing this weekend.

Our first New Years as husband and wife was spent with our wonderful friends. And then Christmas break was over with and we both realized that we had packed on some pounds between the honeymoon and the holidays. We are both working our behinds off to loose the extra weight and then some.

Our jobs are keeping us on our toes.

The kindergartners are growing in leaps and bounds and before I know it they will be in the first grade and I will have successfully completed my first year of kindergarten and my fifth year of teaching!

Josh has decided to leave Best Buy. After lots of careful consideration Josh decided to take a Corporate buyout and will be leaving Best Buy as of February 12th of this year. We are both confident that this will open new doors for Josh and ultimately us as a family.

Josh and I will both be graduating this year as well. Josh will finish his degree Business degree through Ottawa University in March and I'll be finished with my MEd from NAU in May. We are both excited to be finished with school, but Josh wants to start his MBA fairly soon after graduation.

To answer many family member questions, no we are not planning to start a family yet. We each are working getting our education squared away and we will start planning for little Willinghams further down the road.

It's our intention for (at least me) to keep everyone updated about us via this blog. Please feel free to pass it on to other family members!