Sunday, May 13, 2012

Silas' 2nd Birthday

Although he doesn't turn two until tomorrow we celebrated Silas' second birthday yesterday so that all of our family and friends could help us celebrate!

We had a construction themed party!

Honey made Silas' cake again this year! It was perfect and super yummy! So were the cupcakes and cake pops! 

We had a lot of friends and family join us! 

And Silas was very well loved by many!

The first gift he opened was from his Uncle Kevin and it is probably one of his favorites.

He wouldn't put those trucks down for anything! That includes opening other presents!

Mema and Papa bought him this cool radio flyer which needs to be put together. Will have to do that sometime this week! 

Grandpa Great bought him his second favorite, John Deer tractor trucks!

Aunt Andi, Uncle John, and Uncle Russ bought him some drums! I think maybe those will got to Bubby's!

Bubby and Honey's gift was a huge hit for Silas' friends! Silas is still unsure of it, but loves to press the foot peddle when he walks past it!

Grandpa Great made a special trip down. Although he is such a wiggle worm, we were able to get a few shots with him.

However when we tried to get one with cousin Bella, they both freaked out! 

Overall, Silas had an amazing time! I still can't believe he'll be two!