Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our last day in KY

Our last day in Kentucky was spent back at Nana Nell's house. The schools in town were on a snow day and that meant there were many 2nd cousins for Silas to play with.

Nana Nell watched Silas as Mommy, Mema, and Aunt Andi we out to shop and get hair cuts!

We had dinner out with Uncle Sam and Nana Nell before returning back to Nana Nell's to see family.

My cousin's wife, Jaclyn, had a great time playing with Silas. She is expecting a little one in June!

Silas enjoyed playing with Papa too while Mema talked and visited.

As you can see there were many people over to say goodbye.

I think Mema had a good time!

And so did Silas.

Our return trip started at 3:30 the next morning, so there were no pictures. We slept in the car on the way back to Nashville and made it there in time to catch our 9:10 plane back to Phoenix.

We were both wiped out and ready for a long nap by the time we got home.

Silas was super excited to see his Daddy, and Josh was excited to see us too!

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