Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nesting Projects

16 days to go until Silas' due date!

I started maternity leave this week and created a list of things I wanted to get done before Silas arrives.

Clean the Master Bedroom
Clean and organize the garage
Fold all clean laundry and put it away
Wash and put away baby laundry
Prep cloth diapers
Finish the nursery
Clean the hall closet
Clean and organize the random junk cabinet
Clean the fridge
Clean and organize the Tupperware/pots and pans cabinet
Keep up on all dishes, dusting, and vacuuming

If it's bolded, then it's been completed... if it's italicized then it's in the process.

Josh and I tackled the master bedroom over the weekend. I took care of cl earning off the dresser and side tables, stripping the bed and picking things up off the floor. Josh took care of vacuuming the room and we both moved the mattresses off the bed so we could vacuum under the bed. Thanks goodness for the Dyson. We emptied it at least 5 times just working under the bed. Needless to say we are banning the animals from the bedroom or will be investing in Ssscat cans to go under the bed to keep them from going under there. Not only does it get covered with cat hair, but they also shredded the fabric under the box spring. Once we got the room cleaned I went through and cleaned my closet. I donated clothes and shoes for goodwill and organized all of my non-maternity clothes.

On Monday my MIL came over and helped me with the garage. Mostly I observed and decided whether or not to keep, trash, or shred items and Donna did all of the heavy lifting and moving. We really got it looking nice! It's not scary looking when we go in it and the cars fit nicely and we can both get into the cars without bumping into stuff. The best part is we got it finished in less than two hours!

After Donna left I got started on folding our laundry and washing baby laundry. Both of those projects are done. I just need to put Silas' laundry away. It's all sorted though by size. He is in no need of clothes until he gets into 9 months. He has a handful of things and then pretty much nothing for 12 months and above, which is good because once it's his first birthday we can suggest clothes!

I started washing diapers last night. I got all of the inserts and prefolds washed and dried. Today I started on shells and covers. I hope to finish them either tonight or tomorrow.

The hall closet has been cleaned out and organized, although we have so much stuff in there we really can't put much else in there right now. I also got the junk cabinet cleaned out and organized last night. Now I know where everything is in there.

My other projects just take keeping up on or I'm just not in the mood to do it... like clean the fridge. It's not nasty, just needs a decent scrub down. I just don't feel like pulling it all out and doing it right now. I'll leave that for later.

So far so good! I hope that it all gets done before Silas arrives!

In non nesting projects....

Something I need to do is get the car seats installed! My hospital bag is packed and ready to go, although Josh really needs to put a bag together with some change of clothes and some snacks as I'm sure he won't want to eat hospital food. Now we just wait!

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Evonne said...

Wow! You're almost at the end! Yay! I hope you can get all your stuff done, but don't stress over it. May I suggest taking some suckers for you. You might not be allowed to eat and something like suckers could help if you're hungry at the hospital.

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