Sunday, April 25, 2010

11 days and counting

We are only 11 days from Silas' due date. Its hard to believe that he could be here within a week, maybe two (or three, if he's feeling particularly stubborn).

I've been on maternity leave for a full week now and have everything finished that I wanted to get done. My entire nesting list is complete aside from general keep up with the house. I may scrub the kitchen floor and already the Tupperware cabinet is a mess again. I'm trying to keep up with laundry as well.

Josh is super busy trying to wrap up a class before Silas arrives but unfortunately starts another class right away. It's hard with me being home and him trying to stay focused. It's so easy to slip into a mode where all we want to do is hang out and be together. We've been spending a lot of time cuddling, laughing, and enjoying each other's time. We have been playing video games together, watching movies, and just being us.

We are so ready to make our family of two into three and know that with the change we'll have quite the adventure. We rub my belly throughout the day and whisper to Silas that he can come anytime he is ready. Every pain or surge of discomfort has Josh ready to gather us up in the car and head towards the hospital, but really there has been no signs of impending labour. I hope that changes soon though!

As much as I have enjoyed being pregnant, I'm ready to give birth. I'm ready for the experience and the journey. I'm also ready for the swelling to go away, and to be able to sleep on my stomach again not to mention for the heartburn to stop being so intense.

I'm sending positive thoughts to my body for it to prepare it self and to get the show on the road. Hopefully we'll have some news soon!

In my next post: pictures of Silas' finished nursery and 38 week belly bump pictures.

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