Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hospital Tour

Josh and I went to the hospital today for our labor and delivery tour.

Of course we were late... this was after we had missed the first tour because I was so tired after church I needed a nap.

The website was very vauge about where it was and the woman at reception spoke so quickly that I didn't catch everything she said before she moved on to the next hospital guest. After aimlessly walking the halls a nurse helped us find the location. They were already a few slides into the powerpoint when we walked in.

After the power point we went on the walking tour. There was a woman there that was so pushy. She cut in front of me several times as if we all weren't going to see the same thing. Given my current hormonal level it took a lot for me not to say anything to her.

Overall I was pleased with what we saw. I had been to triage before so I knew what that looked like. The high risk delivery was a little scary and I hope that I don't have to go there or have a cecerean. The regular L&D rooms were nice though. They aren't anything spectacular, but they are private and I'll be there to labor, deliver, and recover. The couplet rooms were bigger and Silas will be with me the entire time. I have the option to send him to the nursery, but I want to keep him with me. Those rooms are private as well.

The Teddy Bear waiting area is a little small though and I hope our family will be alright down there. Right now my plans are to only have Josh with me during labor and delivery, but I may ask my mom to come at some point. I just know how overwhelmed I get and I really just want to stay in state of calm, at least as much as I can. Josh is good for that. He is the most level headed and calm person I know.

It's hard to believe that I'll be there not to far from now! There are only 18 days until his due date, so really I'll be there within a month.

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