Friday, April 30, 2010

Due date in 6 days

My due date is in 6 days.

Most of my family thought we'd have an April baby, but as it is after 3 in the afternoon, I'm not feeling any things major, and we have 9 hours until the end of the April I'm fairly certain we'll have a May baby after all. It's just a question as to when in May.

I had a midwife appointment on Wednesday and all looked good. My blood pressure was 116/80 and his heart rate was nice and strong. He was also very wiggly and his head was bearing down which made it very uncomfortable. My midwife said that Silas has dropped and she wouldn't be surprised if he came this weekend. I'm hopeful, but not holding my breath. If he doesn't come over the weekend I'll have another appointment on the 4th.

If he did decide to come this weekend it would be great since my midwife is on call at the hospital this weekend and she would be able to attend the birth. Wishful thinking!

In the end, he'll come when he is ready to. I know I need to be patient but as my father likes to point out, patience is not one of my stronger attributes. Sure I have patience with my students and other people, but when it comes to something I want, not so much.

Josh and I are ready. Every day we rub my belly and tell Silas that he's good to go and that he can come out whenever he wants. We try to encourage him but will very little reaction. Its funny though because he does move and kick when he hears Josh's voice. Already he knows his daddy.

So maybe he'll be here this weekend... or maybe not... I hope that he is here before mother's day because holding my newborn on Mother's day would be the best feeling in the world. I couldn't imagine anything more special!

Then again, he is my child and if he is anything like me he'll be stubborn and make he entrance when he deems appropriate!

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