Friday, April 16, 2010

Full Term

I'm full term this week!

I have comparison pictures from this week. In the black shirt I'm 36 weeks and 5 days and in the red I'm 37 weeks and 1 day.

Uncovered belly


Covered belly


I'm roughly standing in the same spot, and maybe I see a small difference, but I'm not sure.

I'm amazed that we are so close to meeting Silas. He could be here in three weeks... or sooner... or maybe even a little later. I wish I knew when he'd be here!

Today was my last day at work though, which will give me lots of time to do the final touches on his room, wash his laundry, prep diapers, and clean the house.

Leaving was a little bitter sweet. I love my students and I enjoy my colleagues. It will be strange not waking up and getting ready for work for the next year. Josh and I decided I should take a year leave of absence and we would become an one-income family. I've never not worked. When I turned 16 I had two jobs while I went to high school and when I went to college I worked at the movie theater and the night desk at my dorm on top of taking a full course load. I had a job lined up before I even graduated college and I've been working at the school ever since. Even during summer breaks I was working.

I know being a mommy will be a full time job in itself, but I wonder if it will bring me the same satisfaction as being a teacher has. Only time will tell and this time next year I can make the decision to go back to the school, or decline my contract.

I'm very excited to be at home though. I have so much to do it seems and not the right amount of time to do it in. My wonderful mother-in-law came over today on her day off and cleaned up the kitchen and all three bathrooms including floors. Walking into a clean house is such a good feeling. It takes off quite a few items off my to-do-list.

On Tuesday this last week I had another appointment with my midwife. My Strep B test came back negative and my blood pressure was good. On top of that the swelling was not as bad this appointment so it seems lowering my water intake into a more reasonable amount seem to have helped. Silas is still head down and it's any one's guess to when he'll come.

I also attended a breastfeeding class this week. It was informative. I plan on using a lactation consultant while at the hospital and will be contacting another one outside of the hospital if I need one. I have high hopes for breastfeeding and hope that Silas and I can learn together!

My next appointment will be when I'm 38 weeks (Thursday). My normal midwife is not available on Tuesday so I'll be seeing the midwife who attended to me when I was seen at L&D triage at 32 weeks. I'm sure it will go well. I felt very at ease with her even though I was in a stressful and freaked out situation.

Other than that my week is going to be full of prepping and relaxing. Something I'm looking forward to!

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