Sunday, October 10, 2010

October already!

 Silas is punching September out of the way! He is ready for the cooler weather, just like mommy and daddy.
 Silas spend most days in just a diaper because it's still so warm... that and most of his 6 month clothes don't fit very well. He has a long torso and almost all of his sleepers and onesies are too sung to be comfortable.
 Silas says "Yo daddy, clean up your office. I can't hang out in this mess!
 Silas enjoys standing up so much, that he uses his bouncer on a daily basis. He can't get enough of making use of his strong legs!
 This month has been tough, because there are some teeth that are trying to burst through his gums. Daddy is trying to preoccupy Silas from his sore mouth.
 But not even daddy can make the pain go away. It makes daddy sad too.
 But, with some effort, and lots of funny noises, Silas can go from sad, to glad!
 This picture makes daddy happy. Silas will probably know more about computers than mommy does in the matter of years.
 Silas' lip sucking grin cracks us up!
 Silas naps easily in his bassinet, but only if he is really tired.
 More often he is ready to play with mommy or daddy!
 Silas loves carrots! They are one of his favorites.
mmm, they are yummy!

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