Monday, October 11, 2010

Davis Family Photos

The Davis Family got together to have family photos done this weekend, because Grandpa Great was in town to meet Silas for the very first time!

Silas was an unhappy camper the entire time. The photographer tried and tried to get him to smile and laugh, but he was not having it.

Even though he loves his Mema and Papa Joe, he really didn't want to be held. He would not sit down on any one's lap, nor did he want anything to do with the bottle, the camera, or any of the toys and attempts we made to make him smile.

This is not my favorite picture at all, but Silas' half cry, looked like a smile and my dad was set on having a generational picture done.

When it came to having picture of Silas done, I suggested laying him on his tummy. It was a lot easier to get him to smile doing the things he likes to do.

Still, not quite smiling, but at least we got him to look at the camera.

Can you tell that we were all a little strained by the stressful ordeal of pictures?

This was one of the few pictures he smiled for. He was not happy being changed into his Halloween costume, but I'm glad we did because this was the best shot the entire shoot.

Unfortunately rescheduling was not an option since Grandpa Great left town today. Josh and I plan to try again in a few months and coming in first thing in the morning when he is the happiest.

The poor baby was tired, had been at a birthday party prior to this and was not please being passed around at all. He is so very much his mother's child. I too get grumpy doing things that I don't like.

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