Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Silas is a hard worker!

The last few days Silas has worn himself out in his bouncer.
The first tome he conked out Josh got out the camera.

I really didn't have the heart to move him, but I did and it woke him up.

We have also been venturing into fruits and veggies.

Silas loves sweet potatoes! They are his favorites by far!
He also enjoys apple sauce and prunes!
He is not a big fan of pears or peaches yet.
Our next try will be squash and then on to carrots and peas!

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Rachel said...

Seriously so cute! I love when they fall asleep in those weird places!

I just need the email address you use with blogger so I can make sure to send you an invite! Of course I want you to keep reading! That's why I put that notice out there!