Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our next road block - uterine infection

Silas was two weeks old when I had my follow up appointment for my split incision.

My wonderful mother-in-law took me to my appointment since I was told not to drive and Josh had to work. She stayed in the waiting room with my sleeping Silas as I went to be checked out.

I was out of pain meds and hoped they would write me a script for some more because I was still in a lot of pain.

A med student took a look at me first. She seemed very concerned that I was so sore still. She looked at my split incision and told me it was closing up nicely, but she wanted to have the doctor come in to look at my abdomen. It was very sore and tender to the touch and felt very hard.

Dr. Aguilera came in and did an exam and told me that my uterus was infected and that she wanted me to be admitted into the hospital as soon as possible for IV antibiotics.

At that point I was in tears from the pain and confusion. I have no idea why my body was working against me and the idea of being in the hospital upset me because I had a 2 week old newborn to care for. Dr. Aguilera said she would find us a room in the hospital that would allow Silas to stay with me so I could continue to breast feed and care for him. That comforted me some, but I was still scared.

I was in tears when I went into the lobby to get my phone so I could call Josh. I went back to the examining room and called Josh and my mom (who was in KY for my grandfather's funeral). Josh who is always the calm to my crazy told me to calm down and take a deep breath. He said he'd call work and head down as soon as I got more information. As Dr. Aguilera got my admittance forms ready Dr. Whitehead came in. She was the doctor who looked at my split incision the week before. She had Donna bring Silas to me and she talked to me about what would happen. She was very supportive.

True to her word Dr. Aguilera was able to find me a room on the 4th floor where couplet care is. Donna walked me over and I pretty much hung out in my room until around 8 pm before an IV was inserted. Antibiotics were started around 9 pm.

I was very stressed and that seemed to have stressed Silas out as well. He refused to go on the breast at all while we were in the hospital. My nurse Frankie was so kind and was able to get me a pump so I could give Silas breast milk.

Josh stayed with Silas and I and when he couldn't be there Donna came and so did his dad and step mom. I really appreciated having Warren and Ruth come and cuddle Silas while I rested. My sister came to see me as well since my mom was still in KY and my dad was in MI for a work related situation.

I spent 36 hours on antibiotics and on Sunday Dr. Aguilera said I could go home before 6pm. We were out the door by noon and on our way back home with more scripts for pain meds and my abdomen feeling soft and squishy and much less tender. Also I had strict orders to rest and to come back in later that week.

Once we were back home Silas was more inclined to breast feed and the time off the breast gave them time to heal well.

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