Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The First Week - part II - first road block

Well, Silas is already 19 days old and I'm way behind in my posts.

To be honest it's not my fault.

Aside from how crazy it is adjusting to life with a newborn we've had some roadblocks.

Wednesday the the 19th, when Silas was 5 days old, we took him to the pediatrician. He gained half an inch in length, but had lost 14 oz in weight. Aside from the weight loss he was in great physical health. However his doctor was concerned about me. At that point I was in a lot of pain and my incision was seeping. I shared that info with him. I clearly wasn't doing so well and he made me promise to call my CNM's office to see someone. By the time we left his office the CNM's office was already closed, but I planned on calling the next day.

Around midnight I was in so much pain and the incision was bleeding that Josh called to get a hold of the CNM on call. He actually got in contact with Tanya, who provided me with all of my prenatal care. She said to get to the hospital ASAP, and to go to the one closest to us.

Not wanting to take Silas into the ER we called my sister Andi who came over and stayed with him. We were gone for about 2 hours. The hospital pumped me full of antibiotics, packed the incision and gave me some pain meds. They called the OBGYN's office to get a hold of Dr. Porter, who did my c-section. Dr. Porter was on vacation but they spoke to an associate and they said to send me into the office the next day.

Josh took me to the office and they checked out my incision. It was infected but superficial, which meant that it was only the top layer of skin that split open. I had orders to take it easy, finish the antibiotics and come in next week.

That pretty much caps all of the exciting stuff that week.

Silas adjusted well to being home. The kitties paid no attention, and Asher was at my parent's house while I healed so he hadn't met him yet. We even managed to have a few nights where Silas slept through the night.

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Adria said...

What ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Sike-I hate that easy to say when you're not the one going through it. But you will get through all of this Tori.
Ps. All of the medication is probably reducing your breastmilk-that does happen.