Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Happy 1st Father's Day Josh!

Josh was surprised with donuts and coffee and a pile of presents at 6:30 this morning!

He got photography themed gifts including a remote clicker...

A camera bag...

a reflector kit and some drop cloths for solid colored backgrounds.

Silas got lots of love from his daddy for his wonderful father's day gifts.
In addition to so many new toys for his photography hobby Josh got some new clothes, shoes, and dinner at his favorite restaurant.
Silas also got to help celebrate father's day with his Papa Joe and Grand-Bubby. We went over to Mema and Papa Joe's on Saturday for dinner and Tripoly and to Honey and Grand-Bubby's on Sunday before dinner. Both Papa Joe and Grand-Bubby got new Blu-Ray players from Silas.

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Drewser said...

I expect some serious photo shooting. And pictures even before shaving...must have been early! ;-)