Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adventures in baby Furniture

We put the baby's furniture together! It was quite the adventure and took us nearly 4hours to get it all set up!

All the animals were very interested in what we were doing.

This was after putting it all together, expect for the "box spring" portion. We had to turn it on it's side and then attach it.

The changing table took considerably longer. I also manage to put the bottom on upside down and didn't realize it until I had finished. You can't tell unless you open the doors.

All that is missing is the crib mattress and bedding! They are on the registry, but I may put them on lay-a-way since there is so much else that we need. There are other pieces to the room decor that are on the registry too and hopefully we will get those at a baby shower!

This is the glider that my parents bought me for Christmas. It doesn't match perfectly, but I like it anyway. That step stool won't stay there either. It's just a filler under I can get a nightstand table. I was thinking of getting a dresser, but I don't know if it will overwhelm the room. I think it might so I'm holding out and shopping around to see about something else.

The arrangement might also change, but not for now!

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Adria said...

It's looking great so far!