Thursday, January 28, 2010

26 weeks

Today I am 26 weeks along. In only 11 weeks I'll be full term and then in 14 our little Cricket will be here, unless he decides to extend his stay.

25 weeks and 4 day

In just two weeks I'll be out of the second trimester and into the third. I have really enjoyed the second trimester and believe it or not I really do love being pregnant.

Yes, the first trimester was pretty horrible, especially smack dab in the middle with the nausea and sheer exhaustion. And sure being pregnant at any given time isn't always the most comfortable particularly when the baby triggers a nerve or stops you from being able to sleep soundly, but there are so many things that I love about being pregnant!

There are the little things like...I love the way my skin looks and my hair is full and shiny. But those are nothing compared to feeling my son kick, roll, and twist. Or hearing his little heart beat at every appointment. And just knowing that my body is growing and nurishing a new life inside of me.

I know that I still have 11-16 weeks left before he arrives and that with those weeks I'll have many more things to experience, but I can't imagine not enjoying it in the long run. Being pregnant is amazing.

Preparing for Cricket's arrival has also been so much fun. Collecting clothing and diapers and putting his room together slowly...

Recently his crib mattress arrived as well as his bedding. I washed everything as soon as it came in and we put it all together. I also rearrange the furniture again.

I am in love with the theme for his room. I love the forest critters and hope as he grows older that he'll love them just as much. I'm looking forward to getting the other pieces to the room. They are just finishing touches, and not vital, but I know it will look great with everything else.

The tree is by far my favorite part of the wall decor and I love the way it looks above the changing table. I will either hang the comforter on the wall as a part of the decor or maybe use it on the floor for tummy time. I know Cricket will love cuddling underneath it once it's safe for him to use a comforter. I hope that he'll grow to love animals as much as I do.

And finally I decided to purchase a bookshelf. I didn't think a nightstand table would be big enough nor tall enough to keep the lamp at a safe height from little hands. Right now its housing the small collection of cloth diapers we have. I can't wait to build that as well!

I really love Cricket's room and it makes me smile every time I step into it.

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Chelly said...

Love the room! And the colors... I just hope the surprise I have for you will fit in with everything. ::hugs::