Sunday, January 3, 2010

22 week excitment

I'm 22 weeks along and we are only 4 months 3 days away from our due date. That seems so far, yet so close!

I felt our son kick for the first time at 19 weeks 1 day. Josh felt him kick for the first time at 22 weeks 1 day. I'm so excited that he got to feel our son kick.

We had went to see Annie at Gammage Theater and came home around 10:30. We climbed into bed and were reading when I felt him kicking. He seems to be the most active in the evening and right before bed. I laid my hand over the lower part of my belly and I felt it from the outside. I was so excited that I grabbed Josh's hand and laid it over the same area. I didn't think he was going to feel it because after a while there wasn't any movement. Just as I was about to brush Josh's hand away I felt it and heard Josh gasp. Our "Cricket" kept kicking for a good 5 minutes. It was the best way to end the night!

And as promised I have some recent belly pictures to share.
21 weeks 1 day in one of my new maternity tops!

21 weeks 1 day, uncovered but not very flattering!

22 weeks 3 days

side view
22 weeks 3 days

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