Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's a boy!

Last Thursday evening Josh and I went to see KTAR's A Christmas Carol performed at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Phoenix. Before going we stopped for dinner at Pei Wei. After we finished our meal we grabbed our fortune cookies.

"Wouldn't be cool if the fortune cookie told us the sex of the baby", said Josh.

"Sure would babe", I replied.

And when he opened it we saw this...

We both laughed out loud, literally. I placed it in my purse and we went to our show and had a beautiful time.

I didn't sleep at all that night. I kept dreaming of little boys and when I woke up I figured it was because of the fortune cookie, because for months I had been having dreams of little girls and thought for sure we'd see three lines on the ultrasound image.

Josh and I arrived at our appointment and when they called us back I climed back on the table and as soon as the tech touched the ultrasound wand to my belly this was the first image we saw...

That would be a penis! I was stunded and then I cried because, well I'm having a son. I thought I was having a girl, but we both wanted to have a son first and that is what we said from the begining, but after a few weeks I thought for sure it would be a girl. We would have loved having a daughter, but we love the fact that we are having a son.

The scan took nearly 45 minutes because it was an anatomy scan and the tech was capturing lots of images for my midwife to look at. He was really active the entire scan right up until she tried to capture images of his heart. That is when he settled down, tucked his chin to his chest and held his arms in front of his face, which caused them to shadow his heart.

The tech had me move to the left, and then to the right but he was very stubborn. She even pressed the wand down on his head to get him to move and he kicked me and I felt it!

Now that I know what it feels like I can feel it all the time! He is so active inside of me. It makes me smile everytime I feel him.

Tomorrow I'll be 20 weeks and will post some new pictures.

Now to pick out a name for this little guy!

2 thoughts:

Tracy said...

Hooray for little Mr. Willingham :c)

Evonne said...

I guess there is truth behind fortune cookies! Congrats!