Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cloth Diapers

Josh and I have decided to cloth diaper our son.

We are not doing this to "save money", so those who wish to go on about how the cost of washing/drying cancel out the cost of disposables need not leave comments.

We are cloth diapering because we want to, no other reason.

Yes, it means laundry done daily (but we already do that)

Yes, it means that we'll have to clean the diapers ourselves (we are not squeamish)

No, I don't think we'll be more prone to diaper rashes, because if you keep your child dry and don't let them sit in their filth then you limit the number of rashes.

I like the idea of my baby's bottom being covered by cloth then a paper material made to absorb.

There are so many styles of cloth diapers that we'll be able to find the type that works the best for us.

That may mean prefolds (think traditional white cloth diapers used with plastic pants from the 60's/70's) with a diaper cover... or a pocket diaper with a removable insert... or an all in one...

To get started I've already purchased several diapers. I have three all in ones on the way and today I received three pocket diapers I purchased.

Another bonus of cloth diapers is how adorable they are. They come in all sorts of colors and prints!

People may not agree with our choice to cloth diaper, but that is what it is... OUR choice.

For those who are interested in learning more, I found this website helpful.

3 thoughts:

Evonne said...

I remember my brother wearing cloth diapers - the folding, pins, and plastic covers. It's amazing how different they are now!

Victoria, Dan & Evan said...

I didn't find washing Evan's diapers to be much more was just one extra load every other day or so. I actually enjoyed hanging them out to dry in the warm AZ sun, it really bleaches the stains out! :)

jamie said...

Cloth diapering is so fun! I really enjoyed it with Ben - knowing that I wasn't putting all that stuff in the landfill. Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep it up for various reasons, but I hope to do some cloth diapering (at least part time) with this one as soon as he's big enough.