Tuesday, December 22, 2009

belly bump progress

My belly progress has been slow... but its now to the point that I can not wear regular clothing at all. I had to make several purchases over the last few weeks to build my wardrobe. I have a handful of regular shirts that still fit though, so that is great! Pants on the other hand no longer fit and thanks to Destination Maternity I now have several pairs of pants that fit both in length as well as in belly.

5 week, shortly after I found out we were expecting

10 weeks, with not much change at all, and still in regular clothing
12 weeks and in yoga pants, which are still the most comfortable!

14 weeks and still in prepregnancy clothing

16 weeks and in maternity jeans... only a few prepregnancy pants still fit

19 weeks in one of the few dresses that I own that still fit.... I forgot to take pictures at week 18!

20 weeks along and in maternity clothes

I've been taking pictures bi-weekly, but I think now that I'm half way through that I'm going to start taking them weekly! It's been exciting to see my belly grow, but not so much the stretch marks. They are inevitable even if I'm using a tummy butter to "aid" the marks. I'm not fond of them, but they are what they are. I'm happy that my tattoos haven't stretched with my belly and hope that they don't.
I hope that soon Josh can start feeling our little guy moving and kicking. I feel him all the time, and mostly at night or when I'm resting. While we flew home from Kentucky I felt him almost non stop during the flight and then today while at the chiropractor I felt him kicking during my pressure print thearapy.
It makes me smile everytime I feel him and makes me feel even closer to this little one. Its hard to believe that in 20 weeks (maybe a little less, or maybe a little more) I'll be holding him in my arms and watching him grow into a young man!

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