Friday, October 16, 2009


We had our first ultrasound today!
The baby measures at 4.16 cm long and has a heart rate of 158 bpm.

The experience was so amazing! The gel was warmed and I was completly ready for it to be cold so that was a pleasant surprise. The tech was very thourough and we were able to see the baby wiggle around and bounce. At one point it was so active I started laughing which made the baby wiggle and bounce around more. In a few shots it looked as if our little one was waving at us.

All we could do was smile. Our next prenatal appointment is November 10th and then will have another ultrasound in Decemeber, which is when we'll find out the sex. I'm not sure if we will or not, but we are keeping our options open!

2 thoughts:

Victoria, Dan & Evan said...

I love the pictures!
I didn't think I wanted to find out the gender, but once I did I felt much more connected to Evan, not so much like it was just an alien in my stomach.

Evonne said...

Great pictures!