Sunday, October 11, 2009

One year Anniversary

Today is our one year anniversary!

Its hard to believe that one year ago we exchange vows at our church in front of friends and family and that by this time last year we had danced, ate, laughed and already checked into our honeymoon suite for the night.

This last year has been full of challenges with me finishing my masters degree, Josh leaving Best Buy, finishing his degree, attempting to start and run his own business, almost facing foreclosure on our home, finally figuring out the cause of Josh's chronic pain and Josh starting a new job. Thank goodness that when a door closes a window opens because we did not have to foreclose, Josh decided running his own business wasn't in the cards at this moment and was offered a job working for a great company, and of course the news that we are expecting our first child.

What doesn't break us only makes us stronger.

To celebrate we had breakfast at The Breakfast club this morning, saw a movie and enjoyed frozen yogurt. We took a small break in the afternoon to relax and nap and then went to dinner at Rokerij, exchanged gifts, and then returned home to eat the top tier of our wedding cake and wash it down with a bottle of cider from the wedding. We saved both a bottle of champange and cider just in case, and its a good thing we did since we don't want to cause any harm to the baby.

Just an FYI though, fondant does not hold up well in the freezer for a year, but the wedding cake was moist and delicious!

All in all it was a great year with many more ahead of us!

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Chelly said...

uhm..... It hasn't been a year already?! Wow time has been flying. Congrats!!