Thursday, November 5, 2009

14 weeks

I'm 14 weeks today. I've been trying to take photos of my slowly growing bump, but right now I just think I'm fat. The top I wore today helped make it look more bump like, and it's not even an maternity top. I bought it at Kohl's over the summer and it's meant to be one of those flowy tops that hangs with little pleats in front. I think it will carry me for a few months which is nice. My pants no longer fit though. Those are size 10's and I thought I'd be able to pull it off, but I had to unsnap and button them after lunch. Thank goodness my top was long enough!
I've ordered some maternity clothes from Old Navy thanks to the suggestions of some mom's my friends. I hope they are in soon. I did buy some Bella Bands though so maybe I can make my clothes last a bit longer.
Next appointment with the CNM is on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again and scheduling our next ultasound. We've decided to find out the sex, so this next ultrasound the baby will hopefully give us the "money shot". If not I'm sure we can handle not finding out. But it would be fun to know!

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