Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wedding rings

The search for our wedding rings took us several months.

Josh, being the most wonderful man ever, apparently listened to something I said in passing during the first few month of dating.

I believe we were discussing the movie Blood Diamond and the topic of diamond engagement rings came up. I have always wanted a traditional engagement ring. A diamond set in a simple band. But not just any diamond. I wanted a pear shaped diamond. I didn't care what it was set in as long as it wasn't yellow gold, as it doesn't look quite right with my skin tone. I also didn't want some overly designed engagement ring. Just a solitary diamond.

I was very surprised when Josh presented me exactly the ring I always hoped for over a year after having that simple 5 minute conversation.

The pear set above a platinum band was more than I could have ever hoped for and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I couldn't have picked out something more perfect if I had to choose one myself.

The best part is that Josh did choose it himself. I didn't have to tell him what I wanted, he listened and remembered. That act in itself is more touching than I can express.

Because of the pear shaped finding a matching wedding band was not an easy task. I couldn't quite find a band that didn't overwhelm or take away from my center stone. That or a band that didn't leave a gap between the ring and the stone.

With many failed attempts at ring shopping we had almost decided to have a custom ring made. Just thinking about it made me nervous, because what if I hated the ring created for me? I couldn't say, "oh never mind". I'd be stuck with a ring I didn't like.

I knew after trying on single bands that I wanted a wrap, or more commonly know, guard. I wanted something that would protect my ring and lay nearly flush to the band of the engagement ring.

With that in mind we went in search for the ring that would do just that. We had almost settled on this ring, but it still had the gap that I disliked. The tip of the pear fell flush, but the opposite end had that dreaded gap that was starting to loath.

As we were pulling up the paperwork on said ring we both saw this one.

I tried it on with my engagement ring and knew right then that it was the perfect match. It didn't have a gap on either side and hugged the pear without leaving it overwhelmed.

It just so happened that Josh was able to find the ring that he was in search of too at the same place.

We had looked at many styles for him but he absolutely did not want a diamond. We toyed with the idea of a mixture of white gold and platinum, but none of the rings felt very comfortable. As I was trying on the first pictured guard he found a ring that he knew he was going to get.

His is white gold with a stardust finish which is raised slightly higher than the polished portion of the band. It give it the simplicity that he was looking for, with the exceptional detail that we both wanted without going over the top.

After trying both rings on and holding them together there was no going back. We absolutely love our rings.

And in only 4 months and a week we'll be able to wear them always.

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Tracy said...

Your rings are so lovely. I think it is so special and sweet that he remembered the shape of diamond you wanted after such a short mentioning of it and so early on. What boy does that?! He is such a keeper. :c)