Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bridal party attire

Joshua and I chose purple and black as our wedding colors. We are naturally earth tone individuals. When you walk into our home there are tans, browns, reds and greens with various accents of black.

For our wedding we wanted to go outside of our comfort zone.

Ever since I was a child purple had always been my favorite color, so that was my first suggestion. We paired it with black and it was the look that we both wanted.

To start our theme we first looked at what the wedding party would wear. After getting the color done the rest was easy. I knew the designer that I wanted for the bridesmaid dresses so I hopped on the Alfred Angelo website and started browsing for styles.

I had a couple of styles in mind and took my sister Andi and my brother's fiance Kelly to a bridal shop who carried each of the designs. The ones I liked the most were tea length and strapless, but just didn't quite look right.

I spent some more time envisioning the wedding and determined that I wanted long dresses so I started looking for other styles when I found the perfect dress for the girls.

I took my sister and my Matron of honor down with me to look at the dress in person and knew that it was the one for the bridal party. It looked flattering on both of them and knew it would be perfect for all of the girls.

It took 3 months for the dress to come in and we went to pick them up last Friday. We have a total of 5 bridesmaids and a flower girl.

Unfortunately not all the bridesmaids could come with due to conflicting schedules.

Hannah, Josh's niece, is our flower girl. You'll notice in the group picture she is in a Jr. bridesmaid dress. We choose to go this route because my dress isn't a stark white and finding a flower girl dress that is in her size was just very difficult, not to mention I couldn't find a dress that I liked.

Tracy is my Matron of Honor. She is the entire reason that Joshua and I met in the first place. Her and her husband, who is also a groomsmen, insisted on a double date and we hit it off from the start. They are the match makers in our little romance.

Kelly is my brother Rusty's Fiance and just like a sister to me. If possible she would be the female version of my brother.

My sister Andi, who puts up with all of my craziness tried on a dozen dresses before I found this one. I promised her no butt bows or ugly dresses. The only problem she has this this dress is that it has a low cut back which means she, and the other girls, will need special bras to wear underneath.

While the girls were trying on their dresses I couldn't fight the urge to put on the sample dress again. It was a lot of fun to walk around with the girls in our dresses. The contrast their colors bring to my dress is just beautiful.

I wish that Amy and Lindsey could have been there, then the Bride's party would be complete.

All of the girls have to have alterations done to their dresses. As you can tell by the pooling fabric on the floor.
Most of them will also have to have their dresses taken in some. Thank goodness for alterations!

On Saturday Joshua and I went out to pick out the formal wear for the men in his party. Josh will also have 5 groomsmen. Chris is his best man, with James , Bruce, Alain, and my brother Rusty as the groomsmen. His nephew John-John will be the ring bearer and he will have Nai and Greg usher. All the men, including my father and his father will be in a tux.

Josh picked out the style of the suit, which has three buttons. The store did not have an exact match to the bridesmaid dresses in a vest so we choose one that had another shade we are using for accents. The vest will be worn with a black shirt and the longer neck tie rather than the bow. To incorporate the main purple color we purchases pocket silks that do match the eggplant color of the dresses.

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Tracy said...

The colors and style is perfect for your October wedding. I can't wait! It is going to be beautiful and unique, thanks for letting us be a part of it.