Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding Hair Trials Part I and II

I've been battling the idea of my hair ever since I took my mom into see my dress.

As I posed in front of the mirror she plopped one of many veils on my head and asked "What do you want to do with your hair?"

In my mind I started to panic. I've only had really bad experiences with formal up dos. Every formal or prom I went too I had some pretty scary looking dos. Way too much hair spray... exposed bobby pins... stylists who don't listen... and I had already had one professional trial and it made me look too much like I was about to go to a winter formal vs. a wedding.

Even the tasteful knot I had done for Michi and Nai's wedding was not exactly what I had wanted...

Struggling with the thought of some stranger doing my hair and trying to decide which overpriced salon to go to my Matron of Honor saves the day again and offers to do my hair for me! So we arranged to meet up and experiment with some styles.

This is the style that I fell in love with so we decided to meet roughly once a month to practice it and try to modify it for the big day.

We met this past Monday for some quality girl time and hair practicing!

As you can tell from the previous pictures the gathering is a little longer and lower down the nape of my neck.

Tracy also added a homemade barrette for added definition, and bobby pin masking! I'm going to be on the look out for a barrette that will match my gown and headband.

The curls this time are much looser than the previous time as well.
I just love the side sweep. I like the idea of it being up, but still looking down to a certain degree.

We've talked about somethings for the next trial...
More of a sweeping bang in the front.
Doing smaller curls with the shoulder bit.
And securing the bottom bit so that it's a little tighter. I will also take my veil and headband so that we can work with that as well. I said that the last time around, but forgot them! As Tracy lives about an hour away I was not able to dash out and grab them though. But we have at least four more trials before the wedding day.

2 thoughts:

Beyondboredom said...

I love the general style though, it's beautiful. :) Tracy did a great job!

Tracy said...

I think, especially once we have all of the goodies like the veil, headband, and hair clip, it will just keep getting better and better!

Maybe since you have classes in the evening we could meet some day during the day this summer and work in a couple of extra trial runs and excuses to hang out. ;c)

Thanks for letting me do this, it is a huge deal and I hope I can do a great job for you. You have fabulous hair anyway so it shouldn't be too hard. *hugs*