Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Dress

Instead of going month by month, mostly because I can't remember exact dates, I thought I'd just talk about plans that we've already made.

Not long after becoming engaged I went browsing with my Matron of Honor for wedding dresses. I wasn't really looking for "the dress" and it wasn't looking like that was going to happen. We had some pretty poor experiences along the way.

At David's Bridal, the staff being not very kind, and the dresses not really catching my interests. I had looked at a local bridal shop in Avondale called Sukie's Bridal and encountered the same thing. The last shop we went by was beyond friendly.

As soon as we walked into Once In A Life Tyme the owner was very chipper and upbeat. She told us to look around and feel free to try on as many dresses as we'd like. I wasn't anticipating trying anything on and really had no idea what I wanted in a wedding dress so Tracy and I randomly picked dresses that we thought would look good. I tried on 8 dresses and only liked one, but didn't love it. I was almost ready to give up when Tracy said I only had one more to try.

Ninth one is the charm apparently because I fell in love with the last one I put on. It's a Maggie Sottero. And although the picture I'm posting is the style it's not the accurate color. It's a one-piece, strapless, A-line gown with corset back. It's made of rhapsody taffeta and is ornamented with scalloped lace creating a sweetheart neckline and has an accenting asymmetrical side wrap and lace appliqué that are at the back of the skirt in a caught up design. It also has a sweep train.

The color in the picture is a gold, but I purchased my dress in diamond white.

I recently found my wedding shoes to match, thanks to my wonderful Matron of Honor! Tracy is brilliant and has been very helpful. She referred me to some shoes at http://www.zappos.com/ . I really loved them, but the price tag for them was a little steep so I started browsing on line and found them at http://www.knotthegroom.com/

The color of the shoe is the exact match for my dress. The details over the upper matches the detail on the sweetheart neckline of my dress. They really are perfect.

The rest of my attire will include a veil that my mother picked out. It's a single layer with seed pearl accents. I've yet to decide how to wear it, up high on top of my head, or low, under my hair. I will also have a headband with pearls and rhinestones.

My hair is a different entry entirely, which will be posted soon!

3 thoughts:

Viki :) said...

I have one tip: Wear your shoes around a bit before your wedding day, not just to break them in, but also to scuff the soles a little bit. Smooth soles + slippery floors = disaster. Ask me how I know. (No, it didn't happen at my wedding, it was in a grocery store in Mesa, hehe).

Beyondboredom said...

I already told you I love your dress, and the shoes look great, and even comfortable! Very important for the shoes you will be wearing a good portion of a day! :)

Tracy said...

Love Love LOVE them!

The dress looks 1000x better on you and I can't wait to see you all put together.

I agree with Viki, breaking your shoes in around the house is important. You won't get them dirty walking around on carpet but you will get them to adjust to your feet so you can be uber comfortable on your big day.