Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Open House

The Arizona Grand (aka: Uncle BJ's resort) had an open house. Honey and Bubby invited us to go and we brought Mema with us too. Silas had a blast seeing two (out of three) of his favorite grandmas at once time.

He couldn't decide who he should hold hands with, so he held them with both of them!

Bubby couldn't hold Silas because of his recent heart bypass, but he had a good time watching him run around.

The Grand had all sorts of activities! We stood in line to see Santa, but Silas wouldn't sit on his lap. Mommy has a cute picture of Silas sitting on her lap next to Santa though! We had cocoa and made our own gingerbread cookies.

Silas was a fan of the sprinkles, but didn't want to eat them.

He wanted nothing to do with sitting on daddy's lap while watching the Nutcracker dancers.

But he enjoyed the view from daddy's shoulders.

He found great entertainment with the rocks...

and spinning around until we were dizzy.

 We also got to celebrate Uncle BJ's recent engagement to Aunt Dez.

By the end of the night Silas was tuckered out and ready for bed. I think Mema was too!

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