Friday, November 4, 2011

Deer Farm Pt 2

Josh took some amazing photos of Silas and me while we were at the deer farm.

The deer practically attack you as you walk into the gate.
They expected Josh to feed them, but unfortunately all he had was a camera.
Silas poked the deer in the nose and felt how warm and wet they were.
With some encouragement he fed them some of the deer feed.
The deer would inhale your entire hand if you let them!
Silas' reaction to the deer's tongue was priceless, as was the laughter!
We soon ran out of food, but it didn't stop some of the deer from following Silas around.
We spied this funny goat sleeping in a bucket.
So of course, our little monkey see, monkey do, had to copy him!
Silas was bummed when it was time to leave.
But then he remembered there was a cool tractor to climb on out front and all was well again.

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