Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silas at the Botanical Garden

 Silas and I have been trying to go places to walk around early in the mornings. This week we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens.

 We went with our good friend Nikki! Silas loves Nikki. She tries to come with us when we go out because she like to walk around too!

 We had a really good time in the butterfly exhibit. We spent a lot of time looking at all of the butterflies. Silas was so fascinated by all the brilliant colors!

 There were a lot of people in the butterfly enclosure so it was a little crowded. Silas has the tolerance for large crowds like his mom. Not much.

 Silas makes a beautiful butterfly!

 So does Nikki!

 I don't know about me though! I look awful squinty! The sun was out in full force!

This little guy was such a show off. Silas was laughing at him as he posed for us!

We had a good time and are glad we have a membership. We are looking forward to going again soon!

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