Monday, March 14, 2011

10 months old!

Today Silas is 10 months old!

Why does it seem like this year is slipping from my fingers? Silas is such a big boy now. He is crawling up a storm and going faster than I ever thought he'd be able to. His babbling has increased and he constantly has something to say! It sounds like he is saying several words already, but we know it's just the way his sounds form and they have no meaning yet. I know that once he really calls me Mama and means it, I'll probably cry.

His favorite toys right now are balls. He has several that he plays with including large ping pong type balls and nubby sensory ones. He also likes to play with the cats' ball toys that have bells in them. He zooms across the room for them and gets a kick out of it when he throws them!

I wonder if he'll start walking before his first birthday. He is pulling himself on everything and he can also stand unassisted for nearly half a minute until he realizes what he is doing and then he falls down.

He takes his hair brushing routine very seriously!

Who's a big boy? Me! That's who!

Silas loves the wheels on his truck!

O.k. Mom and Dad. We're done here!

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Adria said...

So cute! That's great that he can stand for that long already! To get Henry to do that at first, we had to distract him with something in his hands, or else he'd realize he was doing it too-and fall down on purpose. They get over it. ;) I love the kisses shirt by the way. I can't believe he's already 10months. He is growing up beautifully.