Thursday, March 11, 2010

An unexpected trip to the L&D triage

I had a meeting this morning at 7:15. I got to work at 7, dropped my things off in my classroom, took my lunch to the lounge and then went to my meeting in our Math AA's room. After the meeting I walked into the work room and I suddenly felt horrible cramping in my belly.

My stomach got real tight and I start to panic. I got out of the work room and away from the handful of teachers who are in there scrambling before the school day started and walked into the office. I sat down and within seconds I felt the cramping again.

Our secretary grabbed the school nurse and our admin secretary. The nurse ushered me into her office away from prying parent and student eyes while our Admin Sec called Josh. Once she got a hold of him she came into the nurses office with our principal and we waited for Josh. During that time I felt the cramping again. The pain didn't last long, maybe 10-15 seconds, but my belly felt real hard. By the time Josh showed up at the school I'd felt the cramping 6 separate times. I called my CNM's office and they told me to drink lots of fluids and head into L&D triage.

I was a mess and in tears. I'm only 32 weeks today. It's too soon for Cricket to arrive and I was going out of my mind because I a) have no idea what contractions should feel like b) don't know if it's Braxton Hicks I'm having or something else c) don't know if I'm just over reacting and worry if I am then how the heck am I going to react when its really time.

They got me into a room in triage right away and I had to give them a urine sample. Josh helped me change into a robe and they hooked me up to the fetal monitor. I hadn't felt any more cramping since getting to the hospital, but I was still stressed out and my belly felt really tight. The CNM on call, Anita, came in after about 30 minutes to do a pelvic exam and check the monitoring tape. She was super friendly and very calm.

I feel very fortunate that out of the 4 midwives at St. Joe's I've met three, and they have all be great to me.

She said that the baby was fine and there were no signs of contractions and that he was moving around. I told her that I believed her, but my belly felt tight and I couldn't feel him myself. She did a pelvic exam and asked if I had ever had an abnormal pap. I told her no and she said that there was some bacteria that she was going to send to the lab to have analyzed and that she also thought there might be a cyst on my cervix. She ordered an ultrasound to have my cervix measured and then sent my pap to the lab.

The ultrasound Tech was great and showed Josh and I Cricket. She said he looked great and was moving around. She checked his heart rate again and then she did the trans vaginal to measures my cervix. She said she couldn't see a cyst on my cervix though. When I went back to triage they got me hooked back on the fetal monitor. The nurse left the volume on so we could hear Cricket's heart beat. I finally started to calm down and I could feel him moving again. Josh tried to get me to watch tv, but I just couldn't get into it. I turn it off and just listened to Cricket's heartbeat and random movements.

I dozed off while Josh held my hand. When Anita came back in she said that the labs came back fine and that the bacteria is likely from hormonal changes but she was going to prescribe an antibiotic on the safe side. She also said that she wanted the doctor on call to take a look at the spot on my cervix since the ultrasound tech didn't see a cyst. While we waited for the doctor she told me that I needed to stay off my feet and recommended that I take the rest of today and tomorrow off from work. She even wrote me a note so the district knows that I legitimately needed to take the day before the break off and wasn't just trying to get one extra day.

The doctor who came in was really nice. He talked to us for a little bit about what was going on, check the monitor tape, and generally made me feel more at ease before he did another exam. He said that it could be a cyst or a fibroid, but that it's nothing to worry about and they would take a look at it again after I deliver. He also told me to stay off my feet for a few days and to relax before the big day arrives.

I've had a very healthy pregnancy so far, so this really scared the crap out of me. Josh was great though. He didn't panic or worry and he kept me as calm as he could. The staff at the hospital were wonderful and I feel very confident about giving birth there. Now that I've met Anita I'm not as worried if Tanya isn't present for the birth. I would rather have one of them there since I've spent time with both of them, but there is only a 50% chance since there are four midwives who rotate.

I called work to let them know and they told me not to even worry about sub plans and that they would take care of it, which takes a lot off of my shoulders.

I've been napping, and laying on the couch between talking to family and friends who've called to see how baby and I are doing. The thing to do right now is not worry because that won't help my cause.

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Adria said...

What a stressful thing! I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'm glad to hear that your baby is doing well. Would you like me to visit next week and you can hold Henry? :)
By the way, why do you call him Cricket online?

The Willinghams said...

I'd love that Adria! Only if you feel up to it though!

Before we found out he was a boy we called him the belly bugg, and then I started refering to him as my little cricket because of the movement I felt. Since we haven't announced the name yet I just call him that so I don't always refer to him as baby.

My-Chelly said...

Really glad everything turned out all right!

You know, you calling him Cricket reminds me of when Derric was always called Cricket. Remember? Since he never cried but only chirped. Now he is my little bird.

You know, a scare like that makes me feel bad, since I don't have your gift done. I think I need to log off FFXIII to work on it! =P