Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photos, trips, and appointments and rambles

All is well in the Willingham household!

Cricket is doing quite well these days! I had an appointment this morning with the midwife and he is measuring right on target. His heart rate is 150 bpm. He will be here in 7 weeks at the latest! His due date is 44 days away, however if he doesn't come on his own they will induce before the 13th of May. Josh and I are hoping that he comes on his own and we won't have to worry about induction, but to be honest, all that matter is that we have a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

This last week was spring break for my school and I got much needed rest. I got caught up on almost all of the house work. I'm not able to clean bathrooms because of the smells and of course because I'm so big. I'm going to have someone clean them for me. Josh is suppose to call a family connection. I feel bad for asking for someone to do it, but with Josh working full time, and going to school it's hard for him to do it.

I had some maternity pictures taken over the break and there are a few pictures below all the text. Ron and Steph came over and took pictures right in our home. It was fun to hang out, pose, and just be silly. Ron does amazing work and I feel so beautiful in the pictures. I hope that we do this for each of the children we have so we can cherish the memories forever!

Josh and I also went on a mini trip. It was so nice. We only went to Apache Junction, but it was beautiful at the resort we stayed at. It had a huge bathtub that I took full advantage of! We were only gone for two days, but it was so nice to spend that time alone with Josh and away from all distractions of life. I fall in love with my husband more and more every day we are together and I just know how great he'll be with our little guy.

In other news....

I'm back at work and have the rest of this week and three weeks after that left before I stay home on maternity leave. I'm going to miss my students, but I can't wait for April 16th. It's becoming difficult to walk across the campus and I'm so tired that I often feel like I need a nap. My feet and ankles are swollen by the end of the day and I've been skipping walking at the gym to come home and put up my feet.

With parent teacher conferences this week I know that it will be tough and I will be more than ready for bed by the time I get home. I'm not staying very late tonight, but have appointments until 6 pm tomorrow and 7 pm on Thursday. Fortunatly I'm finished by 1:30 on Friday! Its nice that I'll get to see all of the parents before I go on leave and I'll be able to talk to them about who is going to be taking over and what they can do now to ensure that their children are well prepared for the transition. I think most of them think I'm coming right back after I have the baby. My midwife says that I should be o.k. to take baby into the school to meet my class on the last day of school, but to keep him covered and not to let anyone touch him. I haven't made up my mind about bringing him in yet and will have to make that decision when he's born and near the end of the school year. If nothing else I do plan on sending them lots of pictures!

Speaking of pictures! All of my maternity pictures were taken at 32 weeks and 6 days.

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Adria said...

I'll come clean your bathrooms for you if you want. You can play with Henry while I do it> :)