Monday, September 1, 2008

Wedding Musing

The first dress fitting was on Saturday. Of course I forgot the camera! Oops! All but two bridesmaids also came to have their dresses fitted. Naturally Lindsey didn't need to have hers altered at all, not even the hem line!

There was much jealously from the other girls.

Putting on my dress really made me feel excited about the wedding. It was the first time I put on my actual dress since I bought it. I've tried on the floor model at the store but it didn't feel the same as when I put mine on for the first time.

The alterations needed on my dress are the hem line (If you know my mom then you understand why!) and the sides. The hem needs to be raised about 2-3 inches and I have to have 1.5-2 inch taken in on each side. I also had breast cups inserted so I wouldn't have to wear a strapless bra or one of those medieval torturing devices called a corset.

The bustle is the complicated part. My train is chapel length and it is non detachable. There is also detailing on the back of the gown that I want to be visible.

After several attempts that were not flattering or simply didn't look right we finally found a style that works, but requires 6 separate bustles. I'll wear it down at the church but will bustle it at the reception.

They will call me to set up my second fitting and maybe I'll remember the camera, or maybe I'll hold off and make everyone wait until the wedding to see the completed work.

Also, the shop owner had me put my veil on with my dress and it does look very nice with it. It completes the look, so I'm not so upset that I have to wear the veil after all.

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