Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Less than a month!

We have 24 days until the wedding!

We are working on several projects including seating arrangements. That means if you haven't sent in your RSVP then we need you to do it ASAP! The RSVP by date is Friday September 19th, that's this Friday! We have to let the catering company know about a head count by the 26th, so if we haven't heard from you by Friday I guess we'll be making phone calls!

My dress fittings are coming along well. I had the first fitting done and the seamstress wasn't in the store when I went in last week. They had to take quite a bit in on the sides and it's still too big so I have to have it taken in again. I go down on Friday to have that worked on. They did complete the bustle and it looks great!

Three under and three over! They numbered the under bustles for my mom and MOH so that it makes it easy the day of. Sorry, but I don't have any more pictures. You'll have to be at the church or wait until after the photographer sends us pictures to see the rest! We hope that you'll be at the church though!

Tomorrow we are going to pick up a marriage licence so that we are legally united on October 11th. Saturday is my bridal shower, being hosted by my wondering MOH, mother, and sister. I will post pictures of the shower including the awesome invitation that Tracy made. While I'm at the shower Josh is going to get fitted for his tux and work on getting his passport. We have so much to look forward to!

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Britney said...

I cannot WAIT for the shower! It sounds like it's going to be amazing. I feel so lucky my work gave me the day off, so I can be part of this special day of yours!