Saturday, August 16, 2008

56 Days

Josh and I are getting married in 56 days. That is less than 2 months. We are feeling very excited for our big day.

We've paid the reception hall this month and that only leaves us balances for the linens and the catering. We need a more finalized guest list before we pay them because the balanced is determined by the number of guests.

We started invitations last weekend but came to a snag in the process. It was our first "crisis" concerning the wedding.

We took one invitation to the post office to purchase the proper postage for them and the post office told us they would not mail them.

Folded they look like this. You are suppose to address and stamp the invitation and then send it as is. We choose this style to eliminate paper waste not to mention envelope stuffing. Apparently they will get stuck in the machines at the post office and they can not guarantee they will arrive intact. It was suggested that we put them in envelopes.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but felt fortunate that we hadn't already addressed all the invitations and put postage on them. We made several phone calls to family to find suggestions. We looked at office supply stores but the only envelopes they had were the basic legal size, not ones that would fit or look nice.

We called the wedding store we purchased the invites through and they could order envelopes but not in enough time to send them out. They were puzzled by the post office as they've sold this style with no problems before.

We finally found a stationary store that sold us envelopes. The owner had stock for her personal card printing use and felt bad after we told her the situation. The envelops are white but are fancy enough to look as though they came with the invitations.

We decided to use the printer to print the addresses on but have not gotten that far yet.

Last weekend we placed postage on the response cards and envelops. We also printed out labels with our wedding website. Josh registered our blog for the next two years so people can find us at . We plan on posting pictures and stories about our honeymoon adventure as well as random updates of our married life together.

We hope that this weekend we will get the envelopes printed and the invitations out in the mail on Monday. The respond by date is September 19th and it will be helpful to have a general idea of how many guests plan to attend so that we can work on catering and linens.

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