Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Church seal of approval

Josh and I finished our pre-marriage counseling yesterday.

We were able to do one session a week. We used the book The Marriage Journey by Linda Grenz and Dilbert Glover. We choose the four topics that we found most interesting and read the topics and discussed them with our Priest.

Our sessions were light, fun, and open. We really enjoyed spending some one on one time with Reverend Fortner and really found that we are very much on the same page when it comes to our marriage, friends, fighting, and children.

Marian was very pleased with us and told us on several occasions that she was very excited for us to embark on our married lives together.

Pre-Marriage counseling days always means a lunch date with Josh and coffee before or after our session. It was nice just to spend some quality time with Josh away from work, school, and life in general. We both feel that we really need that time with one another to keep up going as strong as we are.

We now have less than 3 months until our wedding day and we are getting close to sending out our invitations.

We really fell in love with these invitations because they wouldn't cause us to have to use envelopes.

These invitations just fold up and seal with a sticker. The response cards are perforated and mail just like postcards.

We loved the idea of saving paper and not needing to stuff invitations.

We are going against etiquette and are using printed mailing labels instead of hand writing addresses. It's just easier for us as neither one of us are proud of our penmanship. These will go out within the next 3 weeks. I just need to find the time to get them taken care of!

Other projects that I'm working on include our center pieces and favors. Tracy, my MOH, is coming over on Friday to help me trim the stems off of the artificial calla lilies we are using in the center pieces. Once that job is done putting them together will be effortless!

4 thoughts:

Britney said...

You guys are doing this RIGHT and responsibly. I an so excited for your marriage--you are absolutely perfect for each other. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect couple outside of Tracy and James! You are basically the next Tracy and James:) Soulmates!

Tracy said...

I'm happy to help out on Friday and get another thing crossed off of your short list. If we are speedy calla-cutters maybe we could even help with labels?

I am so happy (but not surprised) that your pre-marriage counseling went so well. It is nice to get some time to yourselves and it is SO important. I'm glad you realize that early on, so many people make the mistake of neglecting that need. Yay for going into marriage mindfully and talking out these important issues ahead of time. :c)

Linda said...


Glad you enjoyed your premarital counseling -- hope you will continue to find our book helpful. Pull it out about a year from now. That's when most couples really need to review some of those chapters! :>)

Blessings on your marriage.


Kristin said...

ohmigosh, I know you! LOL
I never did put two and two together! *rolls eyes.
Why didn't you say anything on OD?
silly Girl!
I'll add you to my blogroll!