Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photo update

I'm not quite sure what happened! I can't believe it's been six months since I've posted anything about Silas!

Sorry grandparents. At least you get to see him on a weekly basis?

My mom has been begging for updated pictures so I will post a few of the best from over the last few months.

Family picture 

Two year old portrait

Silas is two! 

Silas explores the Children's Museum with Daddy in May

Silas loves trucks and enjoys digging in the sand

Swinging with Daddy at the park.

Silas explores dry ice

Silas gives Mommy love

Silas chills at Bubby's house.

Silas is excited visiting Aunt Andi and Uncle John in San Diego.

Silas and Mema enjoy the Shamu Show at Sea World.

Silas and Mommy at the beach.

Silas' first visit to the beach was a hit. He didn't want to leave!

Silas helps Mommy with school work.

Silas helps fix things at Bubby and Honey's house.

Silas enjoys the splash pad the last warm weekend of fall. 

Silas gets excited over the Koi at the Japanese Friendship Garden. 

Climbing at the park. 

Defying gravity at the Children's Museum. 

Musician in the making! 

The Noodle in the noodle forest! 

And this one should be a familiar one. We recently got all the grandparents in one place to get a picture with Silas. He was less than happy, but we did manage to get a candid shot. The Grandpas were bribing him with money. I think he was promised five dollars. 

I know that wasn't many pictures. I promise I will try to keep up on them in the future. 

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Adria said...

He's so should have another one. ;)
I love your pictures!